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Warranty Declaration
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Warranty Declaration

Warranty Declaration

Scope of warranty
Warranties and guarantees can only be claimed if the installation and commissioning of the photovoltaic system was done by professional personnel,as can be proved.We guarantee a 15 year warranty for the durability of all our Greatest PV mounting products that are correctly mounted installed and used.

What we will do

Within the warranty period,Greatest guarantees that we will reply or repair the defective components immediately.These are the exclusive and only services provides by Greatest.The costs for examination and dismantling of the defective component,returning it to Greatest and reinstallation or compensation are excluded from this Warranty.The Warranty is only valid if th e mounting has been treated as recommended and/or remained in the photovoltaic system originally installed,or if the PV system has been verifiable dismantled company during a change of location and subsequently got reinstalled in professional way.

Warranty period
The warranty period begins from the delivery or pick up date from Greatest factory or warehouse. The replacement or repair of defective components does not extend the warranty period.

Exclusion of warranty
Warranty and guarantee claims are not covered in case of unprofessional installation of the PV system improper use or inadmissible change of delivered components use of structurally untested and therefore unsuitable substructure for the module installation deviations of the installation from our installation manual regard of damage caused by forces of nature,or other unforeseeable circumstances such as earthquakes,hurricanes,flooding,volcano eruptions,lighting strikes,snow damage,fires and explosions installation of defective components.No claims can be made if the damage is covered by insurance for storm damage and similar events(elementary insurance) or if this damage can normally be insured.On being replaced,components returned to Greatest by customers become the property of Greatest.

Warranty claims
For warranty claims,the purchaser must prove that the mounting system's multi-function is exclusively the result of a defective component.Any claims made for defective components must be made in writing within the warranty period.A copy of invoice should be enclosed with the notification of the claim.The warranty covers neither the costs for returning components nor the costs for sending repaired or replaced components.Installations,support or other consequential costs are excluded in all cases.


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