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Agriculture Ground Solar Mount
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Galvanized agriculture ground mounting system

Galvanized agriculture ground mounting system

Ground solar rack for agriculture could protect the plant,could cover the strong sunshine.
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Galvanized agriculture ground mounting system is high above the ground, which does not affect the growth of the underlying crops, but also makes full use of solar power. The surface of the bracket is galvanized and is not easy to rust.

Technical Parameters

Installation Angle


Wind Load


Snow Load


PV Modules


Module Orientation



AS/NZS 1170


DIN 1055


JIS C 89552017


International Building Code IBC 2009


California Building Code CBC 2010




Silvery or according to customer requirements


12 years

Galvanized agriculture ground mounting system


1. The cross beam, support beam and support rod of carbon steel shed are all U-shaped channel steel with long holes

 at certain distances at the bottom, and the installation is allowed to have deviation;

2. Galvanized steel surface with hot galvanizing treatment, no rust, and the price is cost-effective;

3. Install U-shape slope beam before and after,make whole mounting system more stable.


1.Easy installation;

2.High strength,anti-uv,high frequency insulation(design standard:IS C 8955:2011,GB 50009-2012,IBC 2009,CBC 2010);

3.Chemical resistance&weatherability(certificate:AS/NZS 1170,MCS,CSA etc);

4.Max wind speed:up to 60m/s;


6.Duration:25 years.

Component photos of galvanized agriculture ground mounting system

 ground mounting system

End clamp Galvanized U-shape railRail spliceTriangle clip

      1.  End clamp             2.  Galvanized U-shape rail                 3. Rail splice                            4. Triangle clip

Galvanized connecterGalvanized basePole or pull rod Ground screw

  5Galvanized connecter        6.  Galvanized  base             7. Pole or pull rod                8. Ground screw   

Installation steps of galvanized agriculture ground mounting system

Step1:Install ground screw according to                       Step2: Install U-shape pole and 
               distance marked in drawing                                                 support beam on the ground screw  


solar pv mounting systems     adjustable tilt solar racking

        Install ground screw    Install base in the ground crew           Details of connecter      Details of pole and connecter

Step3:Choose U shape steel rail                                 Step4:Install triangle in the support beam

               as ballance rod,install ballance rod   


galvanized agriculture ground mounting system,Installation step 3     solar pv ground mounting systems             

     Install U shape balance rod                                                            Front part of triangle           Details of triangle

Step5:Install rails and rail splices                             Step6:Fasten panel by end clamps

pile ground mounting system   ground solar mounting system

          Connect rail                Detail of rail installation                                                    End clamp                                                


Component details

solar ground mount

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