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Aluminum Ground Solar Mount
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G-Engergy Solar Panel Flat Roof Mounting Systems

G-Engergy Solar Panel Flat Roof Mounting Systems

you need to know about solar panel direction and angle,

but a good installer will explain exactly how much energy you should get from those south-facing solar panels, so you can decide whether it's worth it or not.but generally, keep them on the north, the west and the that's solar panel direction,

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You've almost certainly going to put the solar panels mounting on your roof. The best direction to get the most energy out of your panels, south of the equator, so in Australia is north,If you point your panels north, you'll get the most energy throughout the year from those panels and hot-galvanized stell ground screw structure.

The other thing is that angle of the solar panels, very simple, the best angle for your solar panels is the angle of your roof. The optimum is the latitude of where you Adelaide,

When you live, 35 degrees, my roof is only 15 degrees, Do i build tilt frames to get it exactly the perfect angel? No, you'll never pay the tilt frames because you'll only get two, three four percent more energy from the panels but having them at the perfect angle,It's a very slight variation if you've got a few degrees off the latitude, or even if you've 10 or 20 degrees off the latitude, so unless you've got a flat roof, then you want a slight angle on them, because you want, the rain to drain off them so they self-clean. Unless you've got a flat roof, just put the panels on the angle that your roof is at, and you'll be fine

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