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Solar photovoltaic brackets use common sense

Solar photovoltaic brackets use common sense
Observing most of the current solar power generation systems, the solar photovoltaic supports are made of metal materials. Although the material has a large load capacity, its weight is also heavy. Moreover, statistics show that in the cost structure of solar power generation systems, the cost of solar photovoltaic supports accounts for more than 10%.

It seems that it is imperative to develop the durability and light weight of solar photovoltaic scaffolds, so that it is possible to effectively reduce the cost of solar photovoltaic systems. Objective: Solar photovoltaic stents made of plastic materials have been developed abroad.

It can be seen from various factors that the durability and light weight of solar photovoltaic stents are the future trend. However, most domestic solar photovoltaic stents use a variety of materials, but they are mainly made of metals, such as hot-dip galvanized steel frames, stainless steel frames and aluminum alloy brackets.

In addition, the battery components in the solar photovoltaic system are installed outdoors, so these solar photovoltaic supports have problems such as sun, rain, corrosion, rust and salt. It is the existing solar photovoltaic scaffolds that gradually exhibits a phenomenon that is inconsistent with the actual requirements, which will promote the development process of durability and light weight.

The solar photovoltaic bracket made of this plastic material has gradually replaced some metal brackets and is actually installed and used. The use of nano carbon tubes in plastic materials can improve the strength and corrosion resistance of plastics. It is made of a plastic solar photovoltaic support with corrosion resistance and high strength.

Compared with the original aluminum alloy solar photovoltaic bracket, the advanced plastic solar photovoltaic bracket has the same strength, but the weight is much lighter, and it also has high weather resistance and high corrosion resistance, without adding additional anti-corrosion treatment. cost.


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