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Ballast Roof Mount

Ballast roof mount

Ballast roof mount with windshield ensure the stability of mounting system when strong wind blows
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    12 years
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Ballast roof mount with windshield is easy installation and perfect for flat concrete roof.It not only does not damage the roof but also integrates the entire bracket to make the whole system more stable. The windshield prevents the wind from blowing off the solar panel.

Technical Parameters

Installation Angle


Wind Load


Snow Load


PV Modules


Module Orientation



AS/NZS 1170


DIN 1055


JIS C 89552017


International Building Code IBC 2009


California Building Code CBC 2010




Silvery or according to customer requirements


12 years

Ballast roof mount with windshield


1. Every line of mounting system install windshied,ensure the stability of mounting system

    when strong wind blow;

2. Install ballast sheet on t he bottom beam,then use the brick to fasten the whole mounting system;

3. Angle is adjustable;

4. Simple structure,easy installation;

5. Never damage the roof


High strength,anti-uv,high frequency insulation(design standard:JIS C 8955:2017,GB 50009-2012,IBC 2009,CBC 2010);
Chemical resistance&weatherablity(certificate:AS/NZS 1170,MCS,CSA etc);
Max wind speed :up to 60m/s;
Material:Al 6005-T5;
Warranty:12 years;
Duration:25 years.

Component photos of ballast roof mount with windshield

ballasted solar racking systems

Solar roof railSolar roof rail spliceSolar end clamp Solar inter clamp

     1. Solar roof rail               2.  Solar roof rail splice             3. Solar end clamp                4. Solar inter clamp

Rotator of front leg - ballast roof mountBack leg - ballast roof mountBallast plate-ballast roof mountWindshield -ballast roof mount

  5.  Rotator of front leg                    6.  Back leg                          7.  Ballast plate                      8.  Windshield 

Bottom beam - ballast roof mount

       9.  Bottom beam   

Installation photos of ballast roof mount with windshield

Step1:Install bottom beams and ballast plates            Step2: Install front legs and back legs


solar ballast mounting systems     ballasted mount

                             Ballast plate                                                           Back leg                                  Front leg

Step3:Install roof rail and rail splices                        Step4:Install inter clamps and end clamps 

ballast roof mount     ballasted roof mount solar racking

Connect back leg and rail    Connect rail and rail                     Inter clamp                           End clamp                  


Step5:Install wind sheets  


flat roof ballasted solar racking

                               Wind sheet

low ballasted aluminum pv mounting system


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